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Welcome to the latest edition of Zarax Online!
It's been a while since last update, but this time there will be some serious work done!
While all previous editions were focused on just a show of Microsoft Tech, this time we will be an user support web site.
The remake of this website is made mainly to follow the great update of the Bill Gates Fan Network, the largest MS supporting web site group on the internet.
The first content updates will be about Windows Media, one of the most amazing Microsoft branches.
So, here you will find extensive tutorials and support tools for Windows Media Encoder, along with some interesting samples.

Ever wondered how to make a back up copy of your favourite DVD?
Windows Media is the answer!
What's New
How to convert DVD to CD  
Visit the download section to get free stuff that will enhance your webpages
Listen live to what developers say to you in the multimedia section
How to protect your computer
Use firewall software
What do you know about Anti-Virus software
Frequently Asked Questions About Updating Your Computer
Learn more about internet securities

How to use JavaScript
Rollover links with JavaScript
Get more scripts from MSDN
You want to create great music compilations from your CDs but can't afford the space required by mp3 for a decent quality? Again, with Windows Media you can.
Look at the tutorial page!


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