Electronic Campaign

MSUN allows you to reach a wide range of online users with your new products. Below are the different forms of advertising that we use:

Tile & ButtonsAdvertise using MSUN

These smaller units take key placements throughout the site. They are branded and integrated providing a successful call to action.

Banner adds

This communication tool allows advertisers to increase traffic of their site by placing clickable banners in strategic sections in MSUN sites.

Rich Media & DHTML

Rich media is a collective term used to describe advertising formats that include advanced animation, sound, video and/or interactivity. DHTML (Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language), Java and Javascript are all programming languages employed in the design of rich media. This type of creative can bring an ad campaign to life and make a huge impact on a targeted online user base.

Other Opportunities

The opportunities above only highlight the standard forms of online advertising. Please contact MSUN Advertisement team to discuss other opportunities and discover how MSUN can deliver a commercial solution that is right for you.

How to Deliver your Creative

All advertising materials should be emailed to MSUN Advertisement team clearly marked with the:

  1. Advertisers name
  2. Campaign instructions
  3. Linking URLs corresponding to each piece of advertising materials







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