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        Opportunities through Partnership with MSUN


Now we're looking for partners from all over the world (Australia, Asia, African, European, North and South American countries) to create strategic alliances.

In particular, MSUN is available to receive proposals for partnerships around information and Microsoft Technologies:

Advertising with MSUN
Whether your strategic objectives call for image building, name familiarity or target marketing designed to close sales, we offer you the opportunity to achieve your goals. Advertising in the Microsoft User Network site is the best way to reach a mass audience. MSUN can become even more powerful as a strategy to reach your current and future customers when you place your ad in specific sections that attract readers who match your customer profile. Find out in the advertising section how to advertise with MSUN.

link sharing
If you are interested in the simplest and most wide form of collaboration, which is mutual linking and logo sharing, Please contact us.

Information Sharing
Information sharing basically adds the benefit of exchanging potentially interesting news as well as sharing information sources and MS or media contacts if possible.

Implementation alliances
MSUN is in need of expertise in infrastructure development. If you are a programmer specialized in Microsoft technologies with the following qualifications: C++, Win32, MySQL Databases, ASP.NET, VB6, VB.NET, CGI and Perl, and are willing to help us with certains applications, please contact us at
If you feel there is an opportunity that mutually benefits MSUN and yourself, but your company does not sit in any of the above sectors we would still like to hear from you. Please contact us at


EZDRM is a Digital Rights Management (DRM) license provider service that offers you the ability to DRM protect digital media, both audio and video, for safe and secure Internet distribution. EZDRM is certified by Microsoft as a live DRM provider and a DRM service provider.

Rackmount computer / rack mount server offers industrial PC products such as rack mount computers and servers, single board computer, PC104 plus, embedded systems, atx motherboards, computer telephony, and more.