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A movie we recommend all the fans to see. It is a fiction about the case similar to the one opposing Microsoft to its competitors. To know more about this case, visit the "Anti-Trust" page.

BGFN Vision

Our project consists in the creation of a large, organized Bill Gates and Microsoft supporting community, where people can freely discuss about Microsoft, their products, and how to improve and keep Microsoft to be the world's best software developer. Today, Microsoft products are surrounded by an aura of prejudice fueled by its competitors, which are unable to keep the pace with the Software Company that in 28 years has changed the world and the way we live with technology. What we want to do is to fight prejudice by showing to the people what Microsoft really is, and wonderful products and technologies that are neglected just because they come from Microsoft. The Bill Gates Fan Network will be the core of the largest Microsoft User Community ever created, something comparable, if not better, with every large tech communities such as the open source or digital media ones. In short, BGFN will show what the Microsoft way is, and help creating a real feedback between users and Microsoft, something that will bring ahead the next generation of digital products that will improve our lives.

The Bill Gates Fan Network is a fan ring, but without useless banners.
All our web sites and communities are Bill Gates or Microsoft supporters.
Here you will find serious services and informations about Bill Gates, Microsoft and many related activities.
We believe that Microsoft's way is the best way of making software, and we share Bill Gates' view: "a computer in any desktop and  every house".
Microsoft has contribued to computer's innovation more than every other software house in his 28 years of life, and it's the only one that not only makes great applications, but makes it available in almost every language in the world.  

Opinion about the Antitrust Case

As best I can judge from the Microsoft antitrust case, the Justice Department believes the following: that any seller of an ever-evolving, many-featured product--a product that is constantly being improved by adding new features to every new model--will automatically violate antitrust law if: (1) it regularly sells its product at one all-features-included price; (2) it has a dominant market share and (3) the seller plays "catch-up" by adding an obviously essential feature that has the same function as a product first marketed by someone else.

If appellate courts are foolish enough to go along with the trial court ruling in the Microsoft case, virtually every dominant high-tech business in the United States will be forced to retreat from what is standard competitive practice for firms all over the world when they are threatened by better technology first marketed elsewhere.

No other country so ties the hands of its strongest businesses. We can see why by taking a look at America's own history. 

Gates, William Henry, III

American business executive, who serves as chairman and chief software architect of Microsoft Corporation, the leading computer software company in the United States. Gates cofounded Microsoft in 1975 with high school friend Paul Allen. The company's success made Gates one of the most influential figures in the computer industry.

Developers Section

Resources about Windows Applications. As a member, you will enjoy the priviledge of a online assistance.
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