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Fan Stories

Why Micorsoft is ruling my universes

Microsoft has done many good things for me and my computer. I got free Windows and free internet Explorer with my computer without paying for them becuase they were free with the computers, now thats a good deal!!!!

I also like Microsoft because of the space cadet game. Whee boy, that is a fun game it wasnt free but it was worth the money.

I wish that the whole world was full of Micorsoft. I wish that it really was "Nt everywhere" because imagine nt being everywhere!!! Just imagine it!!!! Nt could be in the basement and in the kitchen and at the mall!!! Wow!!! now that's what good technology is -- when it's everywhere and all the other thechnologies are dead because they arent as good especially linux and other open sources programs.

Recently Bill Gates said that linux was only good for some simple things like word processing and spreadsheets. Yeah, I think that's right, you long hairs, your operating system is only good for Bill Gates to right letters and do his accounting but it ain't good enough for more complex tasks like space cadet!!!

What good stuff does Micorsoft? Simple they make really really good stuff. If you dont believe that then you probably use mac or linux and, are violating my EULA and you better leave now or Ill get you.  (Gerald Holmes)

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