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The Streaming Systems War: Windows Media VS MP3 VS Real Media VS Quick Time

Internet's future with Microsoft tools: web multimedia and the .NET framework

Today Internet is the evolution of both computing and communication fields.
The World Wide Web became widely known 10 years ago in the US and 5 in Europe, but it's only since 1997/1998 that Internet become a world wide mean of communication.
In the next years, thanks to the increased average connection speed, Internet will offer two new large scale innovation: the online multimedia and the integrated web services for the consumers, represented by the Microsoft .NET framework.

The web multimedia services 

The use of the Internet as dynamic multimedia contents diffusion platform, almost impossible up to 1997 and even today limited mostly to broadband users, is the consequence of two developments: the greater average connection speed, and the multimedia compression.
While connection speed depends on the users, multimedia compression is a more complex topic.
While multimedia compression became widely known thanks to MP3 and Napster, it's use on the Internet is a novelty, and no de facto standard has been developed yet..
Today, there are three formats of multimedia content transmission (streaming): Apple Quicktime, Real Audio and Microsoft Windows Media.
Quicktime was the first format that allows to use multimedia contents over the Internet, and while it has no real streaming, it allows to watch and listen multimedia contents without downloading them.
Despite this, Quicktime it's an obsolete format, and it's users are migrating to updated ones.
Real Audio is one of the leading standards, and today it's the most used format. 

ICQ VS. MSN Messenger Service

Everything that I should happen to say in this review/competition is only my personal views and no one has aided me or influenced me in any way, including Microsoft, or AOL. This is a completely unbiased review of both programs.

Ok, so, everybody who is at least 1/2 web savvy, knows what ICQ and MSN Messenger Service are, and for everyone else who is just a web beginner, I will explain and compare, and contrast these two applications for you. ICQ and MSN Messenger Service (which will be referred to as MSN from now on, to shorten it up a little bit) are two of the leading conferencing programs. I have to call them conferencing programs because I have no idea what else to call them, using both of them, you can use your microphone to chat with your voice, and keyboard, and share files, but these are just some comparisons, not yet have I said any opposites.

Well, time for the opposites; ICQ is plaqued with crashes (when your computer or   and I have to deduct points for that, because really, who wants their  system to crash. MSN is great with these issues because it rarely crashes at all. With ICQ you  can send voice messages. This is a nice thing to have, incase you don't feel like  typing...however with MSN you can have a live voice chat. This simply means that you can use  your microphone, and talk to the person that you want too, so, the time needed to send the  message is decreased, because ICQ takes the message, converts it into a file, transfers it, and  then decodes it into a wav file. I find that ICQ has a lot more features than MSN does, so for  ease of use, I have to give the upper hand to MSN. Oh, MSN requires a lot less from your  computer than ICQ does, plus come time when you want to delete these programs, all you do is  find the directory, and kill it off, sure you can do that with MSN and ICQ,..


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