Fast Facts about Microsoft

Microsoft was founded in 1975 by William Gates III and Paul Allen. It all began when the pair teamed up at high school whilst programming on the original PDP-10 computer. In 1975 they collaborated on the first version of the BASIC programming language, this led to the formation of Microsoft in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

In 1979 William Gates and Paul Allen moved the company to their hometown of Seattle, Washington. Allen resigned in 1983 due to bad health, but has since returned to the company on the board of directors. The company has grown from 15 employees and $500,000 revenues in 1978 to over 14,000 employees and $3.8 billion revenues for the year ending in June 1993. With over 50% of the sales from overseas. In 1981 Microsoft released MS-DOS operating system for the original IBM (PC).

Microsoft went on to convince other PC manufacturer to licence MS-DOS this made the software standard for PC's. Throughout the 1980's Microsoft collaborated with IBM to create the first mass-market phenomenon in the computer industry this was based on the open availability of chips, parts and the MS-DOS operating system.

In 1991 Microsoft and IBM ended a decade of collaboration when they decided to split and work on different operating systems. IBM chose to pursue OS2 operating system this was a former joint venture with Microsoft. Microsoft decided to evolve it's Windows operating system in to a more powerful system, Microsoft announced Windows 3.1 in April 1992. Microsoft has targeted Windows software for all types of computers ranging from giant multiprocessors to laptops, Windows 3.1 is now used in over 15 million computers world-wide. Windows NT is an operating system designed to run on the next generation of computers and was released in July 1993. Another significant aspect of Microsoft's business has been it's application software, when Microsoft released Windows its graphical operating system it led to huge world-wide success for applications such as :

1. Microsoft Excel - Spreadsheet Package
2. Microsoft Word - Word Processor
3. Superbase 4 - Database Package

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